ƁƖσω мє σηє Ɩαѕт кιѕѕ ♥



Ɓσ∂у ♥


Outfit ♥

  • Top/Skirt► -Narcisse-  Vera Set ( many different versions and metals to mix&match also there is a limited edition version in silver/rose gold/old gold.) @ Limit8  


Props ♥

Backdrop ►#Cranked# Backdrop Modern Corridor

Chair ►[Figure 8]  Bonnie Heel Chair  comes in three other differant fabrics red/white/pink pg/adult with cuddles/singles 

Gyazo of chair also has couple poses but again hard to do with air – check it out!


Mirror ►  [Figure 8] Narcissus Mirror comes in black or silver walls with pg and adult versions animations @ Red Light District Event

Gyazo of primp & pose – others are kinda hard to get with just air LOL but check it out!







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